Anonymous: Who do you think is the most beautiful bloggers here?


❝ minttoobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this blog will forever be my favorite blog! but I miss her sooooooo much.. PLEASE, come back Janine!!!

My favorite other blogs;


But I think tanhayee, mrsbale113, maayavi, we-heart-bollywood, chameli, nimbooda, iheartcinema etc and many blogs are very very excellent and successful :’)

oyşşş :**** yirim irem :*

// ı eat you asdfjkfjdkf // deepika style :P // ı love you kuzum :*
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Heroines in VOGUE 

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shirtless ranveer appreciation post

❝ It is important, eyes are going to be on you and you do feel good when you get a look right. But I dress for myself so even if someone thinks I am going wrong it doesn’t hurt me. When I start second-guessing my own choices and it goes wrong, then I get upset because I didn’t go with my instinct. I just genuinely always want to do something cool and the day I don’t want to I don’t, and sometimes that clicks! - Alia Bhatt (Verve)

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